Embracing the Journey

After a much-needed hiatus, I am thrilled to announce I’m back to my boudoir studio. It has been a really great time away… allowing me to explore other avenues of photography while taking the time to focus on self-care, personal growth and some personal projects & travel. I still did some boudoir sessions this past year, but I wasn’t actively promoting my studio. I’ve pushed hard since 2020 and it was lovely to take a break. I still was very busy with my wedding & portrait session work through out the year and it turned out to be one of the busiest years on record for Brown Street Studios. I also re-built both www.BrownStreetStudios.com & www.BrownStreetBoudoir.com websites to better reflect my work. I’m excited to share that both sites have been launched!

Reflecting on what it means to unplug
During my hiatus from the studio, I took a step back from social media and way to much screen time to spend time in the outdoors, taking long walks & hikes, thinking about how great this unplugged time away feels. Reducing social media pressures & screen time has allowed me time to focus on things like reading, and knitting. I’m knitting my second sweater and it is a bucket list goal I’ve had for years! Being creative in other ways, outside of photography & social media has been truly life giving. I’d highly recommend taking some time away if you’re feeling overwhelmed, burned out, struggling with comparison, etc. It truly helps!

Taking care of my body and focusing on some health issues I’ve also taken time to focus on my body, doing some rehab on my injured ankle and shoulder from past accidents that I never really took care of. This takes more time than I thought it would, but I’m seeing progress and that is getting me excited that I might be actually able to get back to some physical fitness goals. This summer I’ll be leading another white water canoe trip for a small group and I’ll be attending a 5 day whitewater rafting trip in Idaho… a life dream. I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

Dreaming This past year, I’ve taken time to focus on some personal dreams of mine. One dream was to take a hot spring trip… a “tour of hot springs”. I dreamed of hiking, seeing amazing vistas & waterfalls, exploring wilderness areas, and soaking in lots of different hot springs. In May, I did it!!! I’m still riding the wave of having actually made it happen. I spent my trip in Oregon with my sister & best friend and it was marvelous. I want to add to this dream….I want to go back and bring a small group of amazing women with me to experience the healing and relaxation of this Oregon Hot Spring Trip. So stay tuned for Hot Spring Trip details upcoming.

This is just a small update on my past year away… but I wanted to share a little snippet of what I’ve been up to. I am excited to be back and to bring that to the studio! See you soon! – Becky

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