What These Boudoir
Clients are Saying

"Becky will make you feel at ease! I felt that I could show her exactly who I wanted to be portrayed as in my session. I cannot thank her enough for helping me feel comfortable in my own skin. If you're on the fence about booking a boudoir shoot, do it!! And make sure you do it with Becky because I'm telling you that it will be the best think you could ever do for yourself."        -  Jessica L. 


"There's so much guilt and shame and self doubt and the boudoir experience, especially guided by Becky, just turns that all on its head! I really love that that's exactly what this whole process is about. You're beautiful, unique and special and Becky does an incredible job showing that! This was one of the most empowering, exciting and satisfying things I've done."  - Rebekah R.


"After a baby, your body changes. I've needed something like this for a long time, and I'm thrilled with the entire experience. Becky takes amazing pictures, so I knew I'd look good no matter what. But to see yourself through someone else's eyes is life changing. The coaching and encouragement  was phenomenal. Thank you Becky for capturing my inner sass." - Cathy O. 


"I struggle to find the beauty within myself.  I did a shoot for my birthday last year and it was the biggest confidence boost I've ever had. Becky made me feel so beautiful and whenever I need a boost I look at those pictures. It's really hard to believe it's me in them." - Sheila P.


"From the very first interaction with Becky I was so excited! She made me feel absolutely amazing for the entire process! During the shoot we had many laughs and she made it a phenomenal experience! She returned STUNNING photos back to me, I was so amazed." - Myranda P. 

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