A transformative Experience for Women


Why Boudoir?

For me, it’s so much more than sexy photos. It goes much deeper than that.

Women go through lovely things in life, joyful things like a graduation, dating, a wedding, birth of a child, job promotion, a birthday, etc. These are wonderful milestones in life and a boudoir session can be an amazing way to celebrate you! And let’s be real. Women also go through HARD things. Events and experiences that drastically change the way we see & feel about ourselves. Childbirth, separation or divorce, illness, injury, abuse, emotional/multigenerational/collective trauma, aging and other bodily changes… and so much more. A boudoir session is so transformative, powerful & healing during these times as it helps us REMEMBER. It helps us see ourselves lovingly through someone else’s eyes. It reminds us of our BEAUTY, our POWER, our GREAT WORTH.

Boudoir is an investment in you.

Do it for YOU.

What is Boudoir?

Boudoir technically is a French word which means a woman’s dressing room or bedroom, but I like to think of it as an upscale word for women’s intimate portraiture. To be clear, boudoir is NOT porn. It’s empowerment. It’s celebrating your beauty and your body as you are in this moment.

What is a session like at Brown Street Boudoir? Sessions are tailored to your personality, style, and level of comfort. All sessions are 100% private and your photos are never shared unless you give your permission. Sessions can be fun, joyful, flirty, beautiful, cute, sexy, feminine, modest, intimate, raw, steamy, nude, candid, posed, and anything else you would like it to be. Boudoir is for EVERY type of woman. Numbers do not define you. You can NEVER lose your sexy no matter what age or size you are. You are perfect here and now, just as you are.

Our Community

We are building a community of women through our private EMPOWERED & CELEBRATED facebook group with in person gatherings, events, parties, giveaways, flash sales, etc. Our community is a judgement free zone with caring, compassion, and respect for all women. Join our group here:


A Variety of Session Options

The full day Boudoir Experience – Nudescapes – After Dark – Maternity – Mother & Baby Breast Feeding Sessions – Couples – Outdoor – Limited Edition / Seasonal – Custom on location sessions – Destination Sessions.

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