Becky Carpenter

Owner | Lead Photographer

Darling! You belong here.

Boudoir is something that means so much to me. I have personally struggled for years with loving and accepting myself… especially my body. Growing up we have become accustomed to a certain standard of beauty. Of what is good and what is bad. We are told that beauty is, as well as how to behave and present ourselves in the world from the moment we are born. But most of what we are told only leads us towards abandoning ourselves and forgetting who we truly are. We go through life believing all of the lies, living in our heads instead of our bodies and our hearts. I’ve been learning to love and accept myself more and more for years now. To enjoy my uniqueness and the gifts that come with that. Along the way, I began to fall in love with not just myself but the process of celebrating others and supporting them on their journey back to self… and I have found boudoir to be such a healing gift and an amazing vessel for that process.

I have seen so many women at sessions and I see all varieties of bodies… and you know what? Every single body is a beautiful masterpiece. Every single body is real and tells a story. Every single body has dimples, uneven skin tones, wrinkles, hair, rolls, lumps, and bumps… flat spots and round spots, scars, and stretch marks. What’s not real are the air-brushed, curated, edited, photo-shopped photos we see out there. Yet these unrealistic images and expectations keep us trapped in shame. It is my mission to help us reclaim our birthright. To fall back in love with ourselves and our bodies. To celebrate a beauty that is so much deeper than the one we have been chasing all our lives. It’s time to truly shine! For those that are aligned, your experience at Brown Street Boudoir can be an incredible catalyst for this change or an encouraging confirmation for those already on the path.It is my joy and delight to create a transformational experience for all women…. to create gorgeous images of you, just as you are! Perfectly you! Let me show you the beauty that I see in you. You are in good hands!

Welcome to Brown Street Boudoir. 

get to know me


The North Shore of Minnesota / Lake Superior & The Pacific Northwest

favorite tv show to binge

Downton Abbey. I love period dramas… the costumes! the sets!

Dream Vacation

Scotland, Isle of Skye, Ireland and Iceland


Oil Painting & Knitting

I’D SPEND my whole paycheck on

Outdoor Gear, Craft Supplies and Kitchen Gadgets.


Sparkling Water. I’m obsessed.


Knitting in my living room with my cat Sam on my lap OR Hiking, Skiing, Exploring old and new places with family & friends


Mountains, always!

forever ON REPEAT

Anything by Storyhill or RYX


Ah. Let’s be honest, I’m an audio book girl. Just finished Professional Troublemaker.

our team

we’re a talented group of gals

Callie & Sheila

Hair & Makeup

This fantastic mother daughter team work together seamlessly. Working together in the wedding industry, their talents translate perfectly into boudoir photography, with all the latest glam trends.

Erin & Alyssa

Hair & Makeup

We all met working together in the wedding Industry. Erin provides elegant make up application and Alyssa is the queen of a wavy curl. These to work together to make a great experience for our clients.


Hair & Makeup

She provides both hair styling and makeup application. A one woman show! I met her while working in the wedding industry and knew I needed her on my team. Stevie loves to play up dramatic looks and embraces natural vibes as well.

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